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Cheung Sha Wan driving school was established in June 2000, a GB driving school at the consolidated level, Hunan province disabled persons driving, drivers ' training, Association Executive Director units disabled, Changsha, Changsha city traffic police detachment assigned venue, driver training and employment-employment skills training fixed-point units. Changsha million has driving school, and Changsha driving school, and Changsha learn car, and Changsha driving school price, and Changsha learn car price, and Changsha which driving school good, and Changsha learn car how many money, and Changsha learn car which driving school good, and Changsha driving school phone, and Changsha learn car registration phone, has complete of training equipment facilities, and specification of training simulation exam training field. all subjects in school within completed, learn car security, and shortcut! Since the founding of the school, insist on quality first, to safeguard the interests of students first, a solid organization of training skilled first, to a full range of service students, Gold Cup, the Silver Cup, better student reputation. Cheung Sha Wan driving school has become the preferred place for people learning to drive in Changsha!
school has won national civilization integrity, service driving school, and Hunan province driving culture industry integrity business, and civilization service advanced units, and Hunan province Eleven-Five helped residual handicap advanced, and Hunan Province "double love double assessment" employees trust units, and Changsha city advanced grass-roots party, and Changsha city model collective, and Changsha driving culture industry quality reputation assessment continuous six years ranked first, national, and province, and city honors title.

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