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Energy-saving car subsidy deal to be announced

Industry and information technology Ministry Vice Minister start in 2011 on the International Forum on Chinese automobile industry development, continue fuel subsidies, but energy saving objective threshold to be increased. It is reported that the energy-efficient vehicle fuel consumption standards will also be 6.9L fuel consumption per hundred kilometers to the 6.3L, amount of subsidy unchanged, still is 3000 Yuan. New deal possible from October 1.
fuel subsidies to improve "threshold" in the future, have an impact on Government cars and individual car buyers? For car manufacturer does it influence? How big is the impact? Reporters recently to interview the person.
on the bus market has little effect if the current revision to 6.3L 6.9L fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, according to estimates, adjusted for policy, currently on the list of 427 fuel-efficient models will have 70% out that consumers will not be able to buy the 70% models and 3000 energy saving benefits. This has an impact on Government cars?
reporter called the Xinjiang rehabilitation (rehabilitation) the authority responsible for the procurement of high Tel. Mr Gao said: "for the Government sector, even if energy-saving waste management new deal subsidy adjustments, Government purchases, the impact will not be too large. For Xinjiang, especially, well apart from one area to another area often hundreds of kilometers. Even with 1.6-liter engines car, in terms of power performance is not enough, unless it is running in the town. Enacted by the Government taking into account the now ' dual ' policy, Government purchases tend to consider buying 1.8 liter displacement or 1.8T the gold. This will not only meet the nation's policies, to meet the demand for the use of official cars. From this perspective, energy-saving waste management subsidy policy adjustment for the Government Department cars should have little effect. "
a municipality directly under the Water Conservancy Bureau in charge of government procurement of mine also said that view. Mr Ray said: "If an individual car buyers, more consideration to energy saving and to adjust right before the new deal subsidy model. But car buyers rarely purchase below 1.6. Even if the policy adjustment, the car has little impact on government departments. "
Huimin depression, while energy-saving effect subsidy policies for Government purchases are not very large, but industry insiders said, whether it's official car purchases must comply with" dual 18 "condition or improve automobile energy conservation subsidies threshold, this series of policy notes, this is a strong signal of country-led consumer use of energy-saving products.
Beijing market reflects the plain "gold and nine silver cross" is often used to describe a hot housing market, this year under the stringent control measures taken by the State on the property market, "gold and nine silver ten" housing market or it is difficult to put on. However, the automobile market in energy-saving waste management subsidy policy, prior to the revision, and whether there will be a "Golden"? Reporters randomly visited part of the 4S shop.
day in Beijing, Faw-VW dealerships auto repair service shops in the most prominent location on the left side, put a 1.6-litre manual Polaris fashion prototype. In the sample on the windscreen marked "energy-saving products projects benefiting" green logo, fuel consumption per hundred kilometers mark to 6.9L. If the objective threshold from the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers up from 6.9 to 6.3L, then this Polaris will not benefit. Field sales, said, "at present shopping but also to enjoy 3000 Huimin subsidies, subsidies may be terminated in the late September. If you have shake to buyers or replacement vehicle owners can get a lift this month when the last bus. Because these 3000 Yuan of State give consumers. Very appropriate! "The sales person said, when consumers buy a car will also consider cost-effective Huimin depression, and the country's energy subsidies.

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